Lead Monoxide/Litharge

Lead Monoxide/Litharge
Lead Monoxide/Litharge
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Lead Monoxide/Litharge is one of the normal mineral varieties of lead(II) oxide, PbO. It is noted as an optional mineral that shapes from the oxidation of galena metals. It shapes coatings and encrustations with inside tetragonal gem structure. It is dimorphous with the orthorhombic frame massicot. Solvent in concentrated soluble base, hydrochloric corrosive, and ammonium chloride, it remains insoluble in water. Offered with weaken soluble base as well as liquor,  the expansion of lead oxide to glass raises its refractive list and brings down its working temperature and consistency. The alluring optical properties of Lead Monoxide/Litharge brings useful result from the high substance of the substantial metal lead.  It can make soft crusts wit specific gravity.

Identification :
Name Lead Monoxide/Litharge
Synonyms Lead( l l )oxide
Molecular Formula PbO
Molecular Weight 223.2
CAS Registry Number 1317-36-8
EINECS 215-267-0

Properties :
Density 9.53
Melting Point 888℃
Boiling point 1470℃

Safety Data :
Hazard Svmbols


Specification :
Product Name : Litharge Spec.No : LSCP/ 011/11-12
Formula :PbO Mol. wt :223.20
CAS No:1317-36-8
Sr.NO. Parameters Results
1 Appearance A heavy yellow or orange coloured powder
2 Assay 99.00%
3 Solubility (ln dil. Acetic acid) Clear and Colorless

Application :
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